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Company Registration
Created On: 14 March 2023 By CAAQ

The process of registering a farmer producer company (FPC) involves several steps. In this blog, you will come across the whole procedure.

Created On: 12 March 2023 By CAAQ

Businesses need compliance consultants for several reasons. Let^s get a roundup of the most important reasons:

Company Registration
Created On: 12 February 2023 By admin

The formation of one-person company (OPC) was mere a dream a few years ago. The Companies Act of 2013 made it possible in India.

Created On: 9 February 2023 By CAAQ

To get FSSAI licence and registration, you can apply online on the official website. There are certain documents, which are categorised as per state and central government.

Company Registration
Created On: 14 January 2023 By Steps to Start a Business in India in 2023

Here are some simple steps that anyone can follow for setting up, at least, a small-scale business this year.

Proprietorship Firm
Created On: 11 December 2022 By admin

A sole proprietorship firm is a business run by an individual. It can be considered an individual or a whole business entity.

Company Registration
Created On: 29 November 2022 By admin

A startup company refers to a newly set up business, which is usually small. Typically, it is started by one or a group of individuals.