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Enroll your Micro, Small, or Medium Enterprise under Udyam. CAAQ is here to let you come across all challenges associated with it. We are exceptional at offering digital support for legal compliance and business solutions to register without any glitches. This enrollment is valid for lifelong. If you are already in the business, and not registered for the enterprise that you have thought about, we’re here to guide you through MSME registration process online.

We have hands-on experience in registering MSME in India in a fast turnaround time. Ensuring you have cost-effective compliance solutions is our priority. Our initiation encourages new and existing businesses to get their company registered as an MSME. Make an impact on your benefits, leverages, exemptions, and returns via this registration, which is also called Udyog Aadhaar registration or SSI registration.

Merits of MSME or Udyam

Discover Advantages that this Company Offers

As an MSME in the manufacturing or service sector, your company would be able to have collateral or mortgage-free loan from the bank of up to INR 1 crore via SIDBI under the Credit Guarantee Scheme.

An MSME wins priority as per central or state government departments while procuring goods or services for the consumption of goods or services for public purposes.

It can have a 1% less interest rate on the overdraft facility from a bank, MSME. It is for the companies that are registered with Udyam.

The TA registered MSME can apply for a concession on electricity charges per unit via a written application to the electricity department. It would also require the MSME registration certificate.

This agreed party has to pay out dues within 45 days if the agreement does not work. The nullified agreement entitles the MSME to claim for an interest, which is 3X the bank rate.

The registered company under the MSME Act, 2006 leverages many tax incentives and exemptions both under the Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes including GST like a capital gain subsidy.

The trademark fee is 50% off for the MSMEs, which is a big relaxation. Also, the same discount is available on filing the patent.

The provision of MSME reconciliation allows speedy resolutions of any conflict, or trade dispute, to ensure faster recovery of money.


Minimal Requirements to be Fulfilled

The enterprise doing manufacturing may be a Micro-Enterprise if its total investment in its plant or machinery is less than INR 25 lakhs. In the case of service sector enterprises, this investment must be less than INR 10 lakhs in a financial year.

The enterprise can be categorized as a Small Enterprise if its in-all investment is a minimum of INR 25 lakhs and a maximum of INR 5 Crores. For the service sector, this investment must be over INR 10 lakhs, but less than INR 2 Crores.

The manufacturing unit can be classified as a Medium Enterprise if its total investment is more than INR 5 Crores but less than INR 10 Crores. For the service sector company, this investment amount must be more than INR 2 Crores and less than INR 5 Crores.

Checklist of Documents

Do enclose valid and complete list of these documents