80G / 12A

Registration under Section 80G & 12A

Faster Turnaround Time for 12A and 80G Registration

Section 80G and 12A registrations are a blessing for the NGOs. It’s a fact that these non-government organizations are not free from taxation. Like other companies, they have to pay it out. But, there is a way to get rid of these taxes. Yes, you can claim tax exemptions in the name of your organisation. CAAQ can help you to walk that way. We’re a registered compliance company, which is leading by supporting national and international communities.

This process of registration under Section 80G & 12A is challenging and tedious. But, we’re hybrid professionals including legal experts, CA, and CS. Having expertise, certifications, and hands-on experience leverages you to get through this process in a fast turnaround time. These days, this registration has become mandatory for all NGOs to continue leveraging tax benefits. Moreover, we can also help you to seek CSR funding by registering via the form CSR-I.

Re-validation under Sections 12A and 80G

This process may go on for up to three months, which necessitates the application to be filed within one week from the date of submission of all documents. This registration requires renewal every 5 years.

Merits of 12A Registration

Discover Advantages that this Registration in India Offers

It has a provision to claim grants from governments and international organisations.

The registration certificate offers it valid proof of the aim, which the NGO and its operations are dedicated to.

All NGOs, in any form, are able to claim exemptions from taxes.

It can also avail FCRA registration benefits.

Standard Process for 12A Registration

End-to-end consultation on how to successfully register

The registration under Section 12A brings tax exemption. The unregistered one fails to enjoy the privilege of tax exemption. It means that it would have to pay taxes just as any normal registered company would during the year.

All charitable trusts, societies, and Section 8 Companies, except private or family trusts, can be registered under Section 12A. But, they have to get registered with the NGO Darpan prior to registering under 12A and 80G. Its register is maintained by the Government of India. Then, it may be registered under the Income Tax Act, which is optional for trusts. A charitable organization without Darpan can also apply for 12A and 80G through these steps:

Fill up the application form 10A with the Commissioner of Income Tax - Exemption

Submit the requisite documents.

Upon doc submission, the Commission will review the application. He is able to ask for additional information.

If everything seems ok, the registration will be completed soon after.

Merits of 80G Registration

Discover Advantages that this Registration in India Offers

80G certification attracts more opportunities and credibility for any organization.

Donors can enjoy the benefits of less taxable incomes.

The possibility of attracting more donors increases upon registration.

The NGO becomes eligible for getting government funds.

NGO owners can have foreign funds with ease.

Standard Process for 80G Registration

End-to-end consultation on how to successfully register

Any NGO that is willing to get Section 80G registration online, should be working specifically towards its welfare aims upon registration. Here is how to register a company under section 80G:

Fill up an application Form 10A & submit it with the Commissioner of Income Tax for exemption.

Enclose supporting documents for verification.

Upon that, the Commissioner reviews & verifies docs. He may request additional documents or information within a preset timeframe to avoid rejection.

Checklist of Documents

Do enclose valid and complete list of these documents