Farmer Producer Company Registration

Farmer Producer Company Registration Online

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CAAQ is a leading compliance company of India, offering limitless support for producer company registration in India. We are digitally active and able to guide its start-to-finish documentation procedure, which is mandatory under the Companies Act, 2013. This act regulates procuring, producing, harvesting, grading, pooling, handling, marketing, selling, or exporting the produce.

With the registration of the Producer Company Incorporation at a low price in India in a fast turnaround time, we let you comply with the income tax policy. Our professional team of experienced CA, CS, and famous lawyers assists you throughout its incorporation. We take all challenges involved in this process on your behalf.

Merits of Producer Company

Discover Advantages that this Company Offers

Separate Legal Entity

A Producer Company is considered as a separate legal identity that has all the benefits of an independent juristic person.

Formal Management

The company management goes on as per the legal framework of the Companies Act, 2013 and the company’s articles of association of the producer company.

Cooperative Benefits

Its activities are recognised under the aegis, which ensures several cooperative benefits & leverages to its stakeholders.

Limited Liability

Like the public limited company, the member of this entity also enjoys limited liability. The loss or liability due to loss cannot be a personal liability of its members.

Credit without Surety

It allows short-term credit to member producers without any surety for not more than half a year to carry out corporate activities of the company.  

Long Term Loan & Advances

The Producer Company can elongate the period of loan or advances to the long term, given that a surety is provided for a period of up to seven years.  

NABARD Support

The NABARD backs it through financial support from a dedicated Producer Organisation Development Fund (PODF). With it, the company can get financial support for capacity building, & market linkage support.

Tax Benefit

The agricultural activities enjoy 100% exemption from tax whereas other activities of this company may have different percentages of exemptions


Minimal Requirements to be Fulfilled

The investors of this company must be primary producers. At least, ten members are required to start with. There is no maximum limit for its members. Besides individual producers, it can be formed by producer institutions.

It involves a minimum of five directors to start with. These directors can be 15 to the maximum.

To start it up, one needs at least INR 5 lakh to incorporate it as a producer company.

Like all other companies, its name should be unique and should not be similar to any existing company. This company is recognized with its ending as “Producer Company Limited”.

Standard Process for Registration of Producer Company

End-to-end consultation on how to successfully register the company


For registration of Producer Company in India, you should have requisite documents of all shareholders and directors, like PAN, ID, and address proof together with the company’s registered office address.

Name Approval

For its name, you should think of a unique name. Any imitation of an existing company or trademark is considered a violation of the Companies Act. We assist in verifying its uniqueness from the MCA database.

DSC for Promoters

The registration application is digitally filed, which requires a digital signature of all associated promoters of this company.

Name Approval

The proposed name of this company was sent to the ROC via a RUN form. It verifies and confirms its uniqueness through its approval for the company name.  

Filing of Spice Plus Form to ROC

The MOA, AOA, and declarations from the promoters and directors of the producer company are filed in SPICE Plus Form to the ROC. Upon the verification of the company, the ROC issues the Certificate of Incorporation for the Producer Company.

Issue of the Certificate of Incorporation

The final round is the ROC issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation. It also reads the PAN & the TAN numbers in the name of the company.

Checklist of Documents

Do enclose valid and complete list of these documents


Promoter Documents

Registered Office Documents

  1. Photo & Identity Proof of Each Promoter
  2. Address Proof of Promoter
  3. PAN Card of Each Promoter


  1. Proof of Registered Office Premises
  2. No Objection Certificate