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Claim your GST number in India without any hassles. CAAQ is here making a big difference with excellent, fast, and new Goods & Services Tax (GST) registration number. This is a must for all Indian service providers, covering freelancers, traders, and manufacturers. This tax covers a variety of central taxes like Service Tax, Excise Duty, CST, and State Taxes like Entertainment Tax, Luxury Tax, Octroi, and VAT. Since 1st July 2017, it is charged at every step of the supply chain while integrating a number of values and benefits.

However, the GST registration online process requires no human interference. But, guidance is required. This is where we stand by you. We offer professional legal and compliance support from an exceptional team of CA, CS, and legal lawyers. We all have hands-on experience of successfully enrolling for GST and getting it on your behalf. Furthermore, we make a big impact with our seamless online assistance for GST registration in any state of India at an affordable price in a fast TAT.  

Merits of GST Registration

Discover Advantages that this Registration in India Offers

Legal Supplier- One can be easily recognized as a legal supplier of goods, or services by registering for the GST number.

Collect Tax from Customers- The GST registered entity becomes legally authorized for collecting tax from the customers and transit the credit of that tax paid on the goods, and services supplied to the recipient.

Claim Input Tax Credit- The registered tax-payer can have input tax credit of paid tax. He can use the similar for paying out taxes due on the supply of goods and services.

Seamless Input Tax- The GST registration in India ensures input tax credit transition from suppliers to recipients at the national level.

State-Wise Turnover Caps for GST Registration

Small businesses with lesser turnover than the given table are free to opt-in or out GST registration in India.

Turnover =INR 10 Lakh> INR 20 Lakh

(Goods & Services Inclusive)

Turnover =INR 20 Lakh

(Goods & Services Inclusive)

Turnover =INR 20 Lakh for Services, and INR 40 Lakh for Goods



Jammu & Kashmir






Himachal Pradesh


Arunachal Pradesh

All other states







Must-to-Register Cases for GST

Situations that GST Law Specifies for Registration

Turnover Criteria

The turnover criteria are aforementioned. The limit for its registry is set to INR 10, 20, and 40 lakhs as per different states and supply of goods, or services.

E-Commerce Merchants

eCommerce owners or online retailers, sellers, or distributors like Amazon, or Flipkart must register for it since the beginning.

Casual Taxpayer

Those who supply goods or services in exhibitions, trade fairs, or any events must register with 90 days validity. They are registered as a Casual Dealer having no permanent place to sell.

Inter-State Supplier

The business engaged in the inter-state supply of goods must go through this registration since the beginning. However, their turnover limit should be INR 20 lakhs.

Online Information & Database

The one engaged in supplying online information or database access services in India or abroad should be registered for it. He or she may check for the GST registration status online.  

NRI, Exporters & Importers

Any NRI or a company supplying goods or services in India, or exporting from India must register under GST regardless of turnover.


Categories that are exempt from registering for the GST

Standard Process for GST Registration

End-to-end consultation on how to successfully register


The checklist of all documents is given below. You should arrange them as per the applicant type or company.

Application at GSTIN

This application is required for registering on the GST portal. An OTP will be sent to the registered phone number and email for verification.

ARN Generation

The ARN is generated upon the application for registering on the GST portal. For this also, we support by assisting in the documentation.

GST Registration

Once got ARN, the certificate of GST registration is issued by the GSTIN and the GST number is sent within a week.

Checklist of Documents

Do enclose valid and complete list of these documents

Private Limited



Require Proof of Registered Address: You should provide Electricity Bill / Property Tax Receipt / Sale Deed along with Rent Agreement for commercial purposes. Also, provide an NOC from the owner of the premises.

Physical Verification in Special Cases

If the proper officer requires, physical verification can be carried out. This process will be only undertaken upon granting the registration and the verification report together. Before that, the supporting documents and photographs shall have to be uploaded on the common portal within a fortnight (including working days).


No Approval Needed for Changes if You’re Registered Tax Payer

A taxable person shall be allowed to make changes in the registration application without needing any specific approval from the tax authority. These can be making changes in email id, mobile no., or name of the day-to-day functionaries etc..However, there are some exceptions for changes in the core information. Approval will be needed for these changes within the next 15 days of the event. These can be in regard to the following criteria:

The taxpayer can edit his own information on the common portal. Generally, these changes appear from the date of application for amendment. For special approvals, the commissioner is the authoritative person.

GST Registration Cancellation

These two scenarios under the GST law may cancel your registration. These are given below:

The voluntary cancellation can be applied on the common portal within 30 days of the event warranting cancellation. This will be complete when he would declare about the stock being held on the date with effect from which he seeks cancellation. This declaration should have the quantum of dues of payments, credit reversal, and the particulars of payouts for liabilities’ payment.  

In the case of voluntary registration, the cancellation is disallowed until the expiry of one year from the effective date of registration. If satisfied, the proper officer would cancel the Registration within 30 days from the date of application or the date of reply to notice.