Formation of LLP

FORM no. 9

[See Rule 7 and 10(8)]

Consent to act as Designated Partner







Sub: Consent to act as Designated Partner

I, _____________________________________hereby give my consent to act as Designated Partner of the __________________________________ LLP pursuant to Section 7(3) of The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. My particulars are as under:

  1. DIN /DPIN                        _________________________

  2. Name:                             ________________________________________

  3. Father’s /Husband’s Name: ________________________________________

  4. Residential address:            ________________________________________



  1. * E-Mail ID:                       ________________________________________

  2. List of the Companies/ LLPs in which he is a Director/ Designated partner:

    Sr.No.    Name of Company/LLP CIN/ LLPIN

    I hereby state that I satisfy the conditions and requirements for being eligible to be a designated partner and I have not been disqualified to act as a designated partner.


    Signed by the Designated Partner


    Date: __/__/20__